Rainy Weekend Forecast

According to the weather forecasts, there’s going to be rain this weekend. Lots of rain.

My current schedule looks like this:

  •  Arrive @ track, unload bike & gear, finish prep on Thursday (rain)
  • First time ever on a racetrack, Penguin Race School Friday (rain)
  • First race ever, “rookie race” Saturday (showers)
  • Possibly run PTwins race Saturday (showers)
  • Watch races and not race Sunday (showers)

So, about that shiny new paintjob, and my first time on the track. Make that wet track. Oh well, crashing in the rain doesn’t hurt too much. Usually.

I’ve also got a lead on a set of used rain tires at a good price. While used isn’t ideal, it’s much better than running what I’ve got on there right now. That should give me an advantage. I was also given some good advice about riding in the rain. You can turn, brake, or accelerate – just never do any of them at the same time. Sounds simple enough, but seems like one of those things that will be much harder in practice.

Also, thanks to some of my teammates, I got a deal on a bike storing camper for the weekend. It’ll be a place to sleep that’s drier than my tent, and a place to leave my bike until the next event (if I don’t crash it up and need to bring it home for repairs). What’s really cool about this is that I didn’t even realize I was on a team. There’s no name, no stickers, etc. It’s that great group of guys I’ve already mentioned who run these bikes in the expert class. It was mentioned to me by the one that appears to be the ringleader (I should probably leave their names out of this) that, apparently, we’re all teammates now. Well kick-ass. That’s quite handy, considering I’ll be pitting in their garage, mooching their tools (what I don’t have myself, anyway) and their knowledge, and they’ll generally be helping me out. Who needs a team name anyway? “Zip Tie Alley” is already taken (by a few friends of mine) and any other team name would just pale in comparison anyway.

So it’s now down to the last minute scramble. Gotta re-safety wire the water pump bolts (had to cut one of them loose to flush the coolant and replace with water), sort out this rain tire thing, and figure out what the hell I’m doing. Should be doable. One thing I’m certain of… this will be an interesting and fun weekend. Bad-Ass. So, is it Thursday night yet?


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