Another Race Weekend Down

Had an awesome race weekend. It’s a lot to type and it’ll take me at least until tomorrow to get in finished. In the mean time, my buddy Kurlon was running video on the front of his bike. We made contact and went off track around 9:15 but both kept it up. If you don’t want to watch the whole vid, watch from 9:00. I’m the orange EX #319.


2 Responses to “Another Race Weekend Down”

  1. daveo Says:

    Looks like you could apex later on the infield sections. Might find time there. Up to the bowl and back looks good!

    • rookieroadracer Says:

      Cool, a comment! I didn’t think anyone read this, to be honest. How’d you find me? Are you familiar with the track? Which turns are you thinking? I know I’m WAY off on 1/1a/2, and could probably apex later on 3. Not sure where else you mean, but always up to try to learn from someone else’s point of view.

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